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Go Nuts (But Just A Little)

Crunchy nuts are petite powerhouses of taste and nutrition.

They're portable and delicious; both whole and in nut butter form, spread on apple slices, celery sticks and bananas.

Healthy Condiments

Many store bought condiments, like salad dressings and soy sauce, are high in salt. Lower sodium versions exist but they aren't available everywhere or may still have a lot of salt.

Healthy Cooking Oils 101

All fats are not bad. In fact, replacement of bad fats, like saturated and trans fats with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, is better for our hearts. But a little oil goes a long way! Here's a list of cooking oils that contain the best ratio of the "better-for-you" fats. The oils listed below are in alphabetical order.

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